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Cookie Cutter Customizer

A project for the startup Cookie Cutter Kingdom: providing a web-based 3D preview for customized, 3D-printed cookie cutters. The cookie cutters can be personalized with a text or traced from a user-provided image. I also developed an SVG-based drawing tool for creating cutters from custom outlines (not included in the final product)

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A personal finance assistant for monitoring spending and income of Austrian bank accounts

Automatically categorizes transactions and visualizes the user's financial data in interactive charts

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2048 3D

A small project in which I created a 3D version of the game 2048

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A simple desktop CAD application written in Python intended for use in schools (discontinued)

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Kubos Blocks

A web-based 3D modeling application for creating objects by assembling blocks.

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A tool for creating web-based tetris games with customizable and diverse graphics options (ranging from 1984 console graphics to 3D)

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